Future LED Lighting Industry


Eight months have passed since 2018, during which the LED lighting industry has matured and the market has stabilized. Industry giants continue to expand their industries and consolidate their leading position with the advantages of capital and technology. The emergence of new technologies also gives small businesses the opportunity to grow. Next, LED lighting industry, there are several "trends" worthy of attention?

Scalable intelligent lighting

Recyclable economy is a key step in building resource conservation, recycling resources and promoting a harmonious society. They take the efficient use and recycling of resources as the core. In this trend, the modularization, upgradability and interchangeability of intelligent lighting will be an indispensable step.

Take the intelligent street lamp as an example. They are modular and reusable; standardize interfaces and mounting ports between them; support recycling; especially Standardized mounting ports that make it easy to install or upgrade technology in road lamps now and in the future; allow components to be modified on the spot and replaced without disassembly Unload the lamps and lanterns.

Bright prospects for health lighting

With the deepening of scientific research, more and more attention has been paid to the relationship between light and health. It even extends to the field of non visual biological effects. Many studies have shown that the non-visual effect of light on the human eye is sensed by the retinal ganglion cells, which directly affects the release of melatonin at night, resulting in changes in sleep and biological rhythm. All these foreshadowed the bright future of the optical health industry.
Today's market, from environmental protection, energy saving products to see, the market has become saturated. From a healthy point of view, the market is blue ocean. Nobel laureate Seiji Nakamura, speaking at Fudan University, pointed out that the first generation of LED products had blue light hazards. Therefore, by virtue of light health oriented lighting products, the market will reshuffle and exert force.

Urban nightscape lighting

The cultural tourism nightscape is not only the upgrading of traditional landscapes, but also the business card of urban publicity. The city is no longer simply functional but artistic creation based on psychological experience. At the same time as a means of expression of art. Through the city night scene, the most representative regional culture is displayed, and the unique city image is constructed or rebuilt to stimulate new economic vitality. Therefore, the urban culture represented by cultural tourism nightscape will become the trend of urban development.